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Review of : Music Maniac PRO


     With Music Maniac, you can search for Copyleft, CC Licensed, and other legal songs to download. Meaning you can download music legally and save it to your SD card without any problems or feelings of guilt for highjacking someone’s  music.  Enjoy downloading free and legal music from legal sources such as
      This app allows you to download music to your device as MP3’s and actually does it pretty gracefully. I’ve been through literally dozens of music applications and most of them have the same problems. One, you either spend so much time trying to navigate the app and figure out which search engine is going to have the song you were looking for…you forget which song you were looking for. That is, if you can find it. Which is the second problem. After you’ve spent an hour playing with the app and teaching yourself how to use it. You quickly figure out that none of the music search engines have any of the songs you were looking for to begin with. Or it downloads the music, but sends it to some obscure folder in your phone and you have no idea how to locate it.
      This app however, managed to address all these issues plus giving you a few added features and custom options that other like music applications lacked. The developers almost seamlessly tied it altogether in what is any music lovers dream, that gives you a well polished, self explanatory and easy to use MP3 download device.
So if you are searching for a Music to MP3 downloader this is one I would definitely try. click here to try


User interface :🎤🎤🎤🎤
Reuse ability: 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤
Battery usage:🎤🎤🎤🎤
Memory use:🎤🎤🎤🎤
21 out of 25
Additional information

Updated May 27, 2014
Size 2.9M
Installs 500,000 – 1,000,000
Current Version 10.0
Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
Content Rating Low Maturity

Front Line Commando


Front Line Commando is a action packed 3rd person shooter created by the talented techies at Glu Mobile. In this  game you play over multiple areas. With a number of missions objectives. You play as a soldier who is stuck on the front lines. With a vast arsenal of every kind of upgrade able weapon possible. You have to kill everything using all of your specialized skills on increasingly difficult waves of enemies over a variety of combat mission types.
As a action packed shooter goes, this game is pretty solid. The controls are smooth, the on screen buttons are well placed. The graphics are smooth and is visually striking.


I would call the gameplay and story lines very solid and well thought out. The audio and music is not repetitive and the voice  overs’ are well though out. FL Commando takes a little time to get use to but once you get into this game its definitely something you could loose yourself playing for hours.
Its not a battery killer and it doesn’t take up too much internal memory, as long as you have a decent memory card.
One of the downsides are that like most other Glu games you earn money to upgrade to weapons and armor.  However all on the good stuff. The weapons and tools you really want cost gold. You do have a chance to earn gold in the game but you get so little of it you’ll never get what you want unless you buy the gold. I know developers have to pay for these games some kind of way, but this irritates most people.

We base all reviews on five points, with five stars each with a total of 25 stars
User interface :⭐⭐⭐
Replay ability :⭐⭐
Battery usage:⭐⭐⭐
Memory use:⭐⭐⭐
15 stars out of 25
If you want to check out the game click here

G’s App Trap

I’m a app junkie, any and every time I see a new app whether its a game.  A time saver or just, or just something new and different  I literally can’t help myself. I figured sense I go through about 30 apps a month why not help others decide what Android apps to download and which ones to avoid. Please subscribe and feel free to leave any questions or comments.  If there is a app that you’d like me to review, Just drop me a line.

Nature knowledge.

I’m always looking for was to learn something new or see something cool. I’ve always been interested in plants, animals and the enviorment. This is a cool website that opened up my world a little. (click here)

The Dream Herb


This site offers a list of plants that is legal to grow and has hallucinogenic affects.
Its a great knowledge to have. And a   equally great too.
More to come

Enviormental Gratiffi

                        Writers Digest Writing Prompt

You receive a Valentine’s Day card in the mail from a secret admirer. According to the love note, the secret admirer will reveal his or her identity on Valentine’s Day at a location mentioned on the card. Oddly enough, this is the same location you are taking your current love interest out on a Valentine’s Day date. Write about how this evening plays out.

The Admirer

For the first time in as long as I can remember I’m actually excited about Valentine’s Day. Sense I’ve been married to Victoria I’ve found that I hate this Hallmark Holiday more and more. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been a good husband; I make sure she feels special on that day. Victoria’s gauge on how special she feels is directly related to how many thousands I manage to spend on this cursed day, but I smile and pretend to enjoy myself.

This year though, this year will be different… I might actually get something done for me. February seventh a bike messenger rides up to me while I’m walking my dog and gives me a bouquet of lavender roses with a note from a secret admirer. She’s been writing me letters, sweet poetry and sending me flowers everyday sense.  She says she doesn’t want to cause problems but she wants to meet me at The Nest on Valentine’s Day. I thought at first it had to be Victoria especially when She also insisted that we have our Valentine’s Day dinner at the Nest  but Victoria doing something for me is about as likely as seeing a black man at a KKK meeting. I wanted to at least meet her…The Nest is a restaurant with two floors so I figured I’d be able to pull off meeting her for a few minutes.

Our limo pulled in front of The Nest at nine o’clock exactly. The cool February air calmed my stomach as it was tied in knots like I was going on my first date, the knots got tighter as we walked inside and were seated in the dining room.

“This place sure has gone down sense they changed management.”  Victoria turns her nose up and says loud enough for the hostess to hear. The hostess smiles and still helps Victoria with her chair.

“What are you talking about? The food is still excellent and the employees are great despite your rude comments.”

“That’s just because you insist on slipping them big tips when I’m not looking, As if I’m too stupid to notice.”

Well you shouldn’t act like it. I thought to myself, “You know I have to order the appetizers and salads when I make the reservations but if you need a menu for your entrée I can get you one.

“Eh-you know what I like.” She rolls her eyes and pushes off a fake smile, that’s Victoria attempts to be nice. Once I see all her friends and club members in the dining room I realize she just wanted to come here to keep up appearances, other wise she would have taken the Jewelry and not been bothered with me again until our monthly sex appointment, that’s usually canceled…”I see Jenny and Dave over there I’m gonna go say hi.” She says pushing herself away from the table,

Victoria and I first plates arrived, we ate…or I ate and she played with her food while we sat there and pretended to make nice. I couldn’t help watching the clock I had just 15 more minutes before I was suppose to meet her upstairs. She said she’d be sitting at the only table with a red flower in the vase.

“Are you itching to get away from me dear?” Victoria asks,

“What…what are you talking about?”

“You’re watching that watch like your afraid it might leave your wrist.”

Just waiting until this nightmare is over just like you. I thought, “No I, uh-have a business call to make and I don’t want to be late.” I answered,

“Working on a holiday?”

“Uh, yeah…it won’t take long.” I said as I got up from the table, Victoria turned her nose up in that snide way she was so good at. I nervously made my way up to the second floor of the dining room; I immediately saw the table with the red flower in the vase in the far corner of the dining area. I was relieved to see my admirer hadn’t shown up yet. It gave me a chance to take a few shots and try to calm my stomach. I sat with my back against the wall watching, anxiously waiting.

The moment she approached the top of the stairs I knew it was her. She never described herself in any of the letters but when our eyes met it was almost as if we had seen each other before. She smiles as she approaches the table and my heart almost jumped out my chest. She was five foot three with beautiful light browns eyes and a smile that’ll make a dead man rise from the grave. Her skin was flawless, a mix of creamy vanilla and rich milk chocolate. Her slender frame was neatly wrapped in a classy royal blue dress.

“May I sit?” She said in a sweet voice,

“Yes…please.” I jumped up from my seat so I could help her in hers; we took our seats and awkwardly stared into each other eyes for a few moments. “So uh…I never forget a pretty face so I know we haven’t met, I know I don’t know you.

“No I’m Elise, but I know you… very well.” She says with a smile,


“I know your marriage is a marriage of circumstance, it was more of a business deal. You never wanted to marry her you did it out of obligation of your family name. The kind of man you are…I think you were probably forced to marry her and Victoria, Victoria never wanted to marry you either. Her family had the name but nowhere near the money or the status as yours. That inbred low class witch should be thankful a man as beautiful and complete as you agreed to marry her. Now that she has your name and some of your money she’s gotten to the point where she doesn’t even have the good taste to hide her contempt towards you.”

“So you do your home work?” Not sure rather to be flattered or worried,

“You deserve someone who’s going to be with you and love you, someone who knows how brilliant and how sweet you are.”

“Yeah and how rich I am?” I added trying to gauge her expression,

“Unlike your wife, I don’t need your money. I am the new owner and the executive chef of this restaurant.” Elise said proudly,

“Okay…” I said…I have to admit I was a little impressed, “It’s not as if I could just leave my wife, not just yet anyway.” I said not really realizing at the time that I can hear a lot of commotion coming from the downstairs dining room. Elise had an I Pad that she used to keep track of costumers, reservations, and orders. It started to vibrate uncontrollably.

“I can wait” She says with a smile, “In the mean time you should go and enjoy your dinner before your entrée gets cold. My pad says your wife had already started to……dig in.” Elise said with a smile that in hindsight almost seemed sinister as she removed herself from the table.

I walked back down stairs and I could immediately see my wife had fallen out her seat knocking her plate and the glasses on the floor. The hostess had already pulled her flat on her back and started doing the life saving procedures she was trained to do. I rushed to her side not really sure what I could do to help. “Somebody call 911…Wa-What happened?” I blurted out not really sure what to think,

“I don’t know, she just fell out her chair and now she’s not breathing.” The hostess explained then she put her head on Victoria’s chest. I could tell right away by the look in her eyes that it wasn’t good. “Hurry up with the ambulance.” The hostess yelled then she continued pumping on her chest trying desperately to keep her blood flowing.

I got a text message on my phone from my admirer, from Elise. I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long….xoxoxo}:-[